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The DJ MAGA Initiative actively seeks to connect with people from all walks of life to help support communities and others in need. Since it’s inception, over the last 4 years, we have collaborated with nonprofits, organizations and individuals alike who share this common mission of helping one another. Through various collaborative community service and outreach initiatives we have managed to serve people living locally in the District of Colombia and abroad.


Some of our collaborative efforts include:


- In 2014, partnered with Stand Up for Kids to raise awareness on the End Youth Homelessness Amendment Act of 2014 while aiding efforts to feed and cloth homeless youth in the DC area.


- Consecutively since 2014, collaborated with Will Rap 4 Food and Bleu Royalty to help package, feed and distribute food to the homeless throughout the DMV.


- In 2015, collaborated with Operation Help the People and Little Hands of Hope to fund feedings and community renovation in regions of Jamaica.

- In 2016, our most recent efforts we are collaborating with groups based in Senegal to raise awareness about the living conditions and abuse of child beggars living in Senegal.






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